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Nexus Fortuna

Nexus Fortuna is a spiritual Art Market for the Age of Aquarius.
It was jumpstarted with AI, to create an environment for young Human Artists to flourish.
Become a part of the Nexus and make your Art be seen.

Tarot Nexus Fortuna, Magician, Wheel of Fortuna

Get Ready.

The rules of the World are changing yet again.
As many Artists fear about their livelihood,
this new digital Age forces us to question
how we value our Creations.

Many Artists fear for their Livelihood

Artists vs. Artificial Intelligence

This digital Renaissance writes its own code into existence.
We find ourselves in a new World of Challenge & Opportunity.
With the rapid emergence of Artificial Intelligence, many feel like our place in the World is endangered.

The experts had been telling us, it would be white-collar jobs that would disappear first. Creative professions would be one of the last to go, they said.

And here we are. AI came for the Visual Arts first.
Artists are getting scared. Because Change is always scary.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

As this is written, a new model of OpenAI has been leaked to the public. Within days, the Open Source community improved on it to an extent, where now everybody can run their own personalised Artificial Intelligence Model on their home computer for free.

Tech Giants like Microsoft and Google are currently rolling out one AI tool after the other, in a competition, that's referred to as the "AI War".

But AI's strength is in accessibility: From the very beginning, this new Tech has been Decentralised, and available for anyone to use and expand for free.
This is not just a trend, it's a revolution.

Whether we like it or not: AI is here to stay.

Tarot Nexus Fortuna Spread

Artists, Remember Who You Are

There's no Shadow without Light.
No Challenge without Opportunity.

Cower in the corner and scream in panic, and you will perish.
Embrace the Potential of this new Age and you shall flourish.

We are Artists. Creatives. Pioneers. Innovators.
But most and foremost, we are Humans.

Humans will always value Human Art over Machine Art.
As cheap AI generated imagery floods the commercial markets, true Human Art has a Chance to increase in values manyfold.

We're moving away from undervalued commerce - fast paced content creation - to a completely new Art Market. We are rediscovering value in the Artistic Human Energy, that moves us beyond mere sales.

Nexus Fortuna
is a Manifestation 
Artist Empowerment

Social Media posts - laced with advertisement - are meant to be scrolled past.
Tarot Cards are meant to be observed, admired, and interpreted in detail.

Every piece of Art in Nexus Fortuna is limited to 333 prints. This creates market scarcity for both the Cards and the Artwork. Artists are elegantly credited on the physical Card and elaborated on, within its digital backend.
Artists keep all rights to their original Art Work.

Painting a Tarot Card has the side effect of manifesting its Archetype into the Artist's daily Life.
Much to learn and grow from. This process should be your main ambition to create for the Nexus.

Nexus Fortuna also holds monetary benefits for its Artists, besides 'just exposure'.
For these benefits to grow abundantly, we ask you to plant a seed, that is free of greed or fear for survival.
We understand, that this requires Trust.
Trust in the Nexus is required for Fortuna to flow.

Are you ready to take the leap?

Artists, Apply to Nexus Fortuna:

Artists of Nexus Fortuna
Artist Robin M Koppensteiner
Robin M Koppensteiner

Human Artist & Founder in Creation

Midjourney AI

Foundational Artificial Artist,
guided & edited by Robin

Artist Sarah Earheart
Sarah Earheart

Human Artist & Founder in Trust

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