the Tarot for the Age of Aquarius

For Advanced & New Readers

Nexus Fortuna is created with beginners as well as professionals in mind and allows for Growth no matter your experience.

Unique & Collectible

Not one Deck looks like the other. The traditional Archetypes and the frames remain the same, yet the central Art is limited to 333 prints each.

Support young Artists

With an ever-growing catalogue of motives, Nexus Fortuna welcomes Artists of any walk of Life to join this unique Pocket Gallery!

Innovative in the Age of Air

Nexus Fortuna has been jumpstarted with the aid of Artificial Intelligence. Scan the Card's back with your smartphone  to reveal their meaning.

Tarot Nexus Fortuna Ten of Cups

Tarot that explains itself

Nexus Fortuna invites the experienced Card Reader to interlink or expand their knowledge about the corresponding Zodiac, the Elements, Runes, and Planets.

What cards align with your Astrological Signs?

Starting from Zero? Just turn each Card over, scan the backside with your smartphone, and it will reveal its secrets to you!

Tarot Nexus Fortuna, Queen of Pentacles, The Sun, The Moon

The Fool with a Thousand Faces

Diversity is one of the key priorities for Nexus Fortuna. Not a single Deck consists of the same artistic motives as any of its siblings. 

The Archetypes remain the same, but their faces vary.

Every unique piece of Art is limited to 333 prints only.
New motives are added on a regular basis.

This makes the Nexus Fortuna Tarot highly collectable.
Trade Cards with your circle or make Friends at a Trading-Party!

Tarot Nexus Fortuna Card Spread

Art Gallery in your Pocket

2022 was the beginning of a new Renaissance. Entering a new World, anyone can generate Art with Artificial Intelligence.

Many Artists are scared to lose their livelihood.

More potential customers now have a cheap alternative. This forces Artists to evaluate why we make Art to begin with.

In contrast to the endless, fast-paced scrolling on anti-social media, Nexus Fortuna invites the Audience to immerse themselves within the Work of the Artist.

Artists, join Nexus Fortuna. Click!

Tarot Nexus Fortuna, Seven of Cups, Ace of Cups

The Age of Air, Age of Aquarius

Talking about AI: Nexus Fortuna was kickstarted with the aid of Artificial Intelligence. What Artists momentarily fear, shall be the Foundation of a New Appreciation for Human Art.

In Resourcefulness we find our Abundance on this magical Planet. To save paper, the guidebook becomes obsolete:

Elegantly embedded on the backside of the Cards, you will find QR-Codes. Scan them with a free app and your Smartphone will present you with a Video Explanation. Your Guides within these videos are as diverse as Nexus Fortuna's Artwork!

This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius. An Age, that embraces digital Technology responsibly.
An Age that empowers the empathic, intuitive Individual. An Age of Magic and Connection.
This Tarot is a Celebration of this Age.

Tarot Nexus Fortuna, King of Pentacles, Three of Pentacles, Nine of Cups
Summer Solstice Order

333 Decks will be delivered by June 20th.
Sales end on June 10th.

Free Delivery!

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